Stalking Wolf Meets Tom Brown Jr

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Stalking Wolf (Native American - Lipan Apache)

The life story of Stalking Wolf is interesting and a useful example for all who are trying to follow their own unique paths. He was born about 1873 into a tribe of Lipan Apache at the time when most Native American tribes were being forced into reservations. His tribe took refuge in the wildest sections of northern Mexico during his growing up years, where he learned to hunt, stalk and become a shaman. They avoided all contact with whites. The name Stalking Wolf was bestowed upon him after he was able to stalk a wolf and reach out and touch it. By the time he was 20 he was being called "Grandfather" by every member of his tribe, a sign of great respect for his spiritual and earthly wisdom.

By way of several vision quests, he discovered that his path would be to leave his tribe for 60 years, traveling up and down the Americas searching out spiritual truths. So, at the age of 23, he left his tribe and became a wanderer on a life-long spiritual quest. During those 60 years, he lived as much as possible in the wilderness and usually avoided the white man and the Native Americans on the reservations. He tried to pass on his knowledge to a few, but they were just not that interested.

At the age of 83, discouraged and thinking he had somehow failed in his life task, he headed back to where he grew up. There, he received a vision that directed him to head east where he would find a white coyote (another vision had shown him a white boy examining fossils). Soon after arriving in New Jersey, Stalking Wolf saw Tom Brown Jr., a seven-year-old white boy, picking up fossils. Stalking Wolf wept with relief and joy; for he knew his lifelong path had been valid after all and that his knowledge would pass on for the benefit of the world.

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