Bad Religion & Spirituality = We Suffer

Excerpt from Chapter 11 - Emotions

A Bit of New Age Humor The rumor is that God has Alzheimer's and has forgotten we are here.

Could It Be Neither My Soul Nor God-Tao Suffers? It is common among millions of folks to project personal difficulties on to God-Tao or on to their souls. If you believe that God-Tao is nothing but love, however, (and I do think this is a sound belief that will not lead you astray), then there is no room for God-Tao to be unhappy, fearful or sad.

If God-Tao loves us totally no matter what, then there really is no room for God-Tao's disappointment, unhappiness, or sadness with us. Therefore, saints and sinners are equal. You may not want to accept that such projections on our parts indicate specifically where we need to grow (i.e., what bothers, upsets, or disturbs us is our psychological garbage rising to the surface). That is what we are projecting on to God-Tao when we say such things as "God wept."

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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