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Excerpt from Chapter 17 - Predictions for Our Future

Finding Your Own Way. I suggested ongoing study (Chapter 16) as a means for finding your own path, the route your soul prefers. The books I suggested studying offer many possibilities beyond the commonly prescribed one-size-fits-all "do the right thing." Following some cookie-cutter spiritual approach to your soul's goals is rarely effective and most likely inaccurate. Your soul has its own unique plans and ideas for you that do not fit anyone else on the planet! I suggest you take the time and effort to study the possibilities and the quality information available.

Earlier, I recommended that you pursue every little thing that bothers you, upsets you, irritates you, or disturbs you in any way to discover what you need to learn from it. Instead of the common responses of hiding, covering over, or avoiding such discomforts, I strongly recommended that you learn from them. (I have always found such lessons to be present.) Once the lessons are learned, then that situation will either not bother you or not show up again in your life. This process is, of course, learning to love what is. Wherever you encounter issues and situations that are bothersome or upsetting, I believe you are coming face to face with messages from your soul. Your soul is saying, "These are opportunities to change yourself in some way, perhaps bodily, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually." If you neglect, discount, or cover over these upsetting issues, your soul will just give them to you again, often in slightly different guises.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "If the parent doesn't like a natural part of human existence (like sex, anger, tears, love or vulnerability), then the child will often attempt to please that parent by squelching those qualities. As a result the child starts displaying many symptoms."