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Excerpt from Chapter 8 - Thinking

(Answer the following quiz rapidly)
T F I make a number of judgments about other's behavior, particularly the behavior of ______.
T F Often I say, "That is the way I am."
T F Others often make me unhappy.
T F I worry a lot.
T F I ruminate a lot about the past.
T F I often have hurt feelings because of others' inconsiderateness.
T F Nasty names naturally hurt people.
T F Impulses had best be squelched.
T F I am flawed now.
T F When I don't get what I want, I get unhappy.

Whichever of the above you answered with "T" is a good indication of where your thinking is causing you unhappiness. Being able to change your negative thinking associated with any of the above questions will make for more inner contentment for you. If you answered "F" to all, then perhaps you are ready for sainthood! (Or you may be one who has much knowledge of cognitively based therapies such as Option, Rational-Emotive, or Cognitive-Behavioral.)

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "This reasoning leads to, "If I can change how I think, I can change my emotions." Does this mean I can get rid of my discomforts, my anger, my angst, my depression, my sadness, etc. just by thinking differently? Therapists who concentrate on changing your thinking processes would say 'Yes!'."