New Age Spiritual Tools

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

If love is the answer, would you please rephrase the question? Lily Tomlin

Use and Misuse of Spiritual Tools. It is obvious that physical tools (like a hammer) may be used constructively (to build a home) or misused (to cause great bodily harm). It is not so evident that every spiritual tool can also be misused. Such misuse is epidemic, yet most neither recognize nor acknowledge even the possibility. A list of misused spiritual tools would include all the New Age favorites: meditation, prayer, ritual, ceremony, books, sacred objects, drumming, chanting, dancing, astrology and ecstatic trances.

One important key to determining tool misuse is motivation. If the intent for use of a tool is to acquire information, healing or guidance from the spirit realms, then that is a positive sign that often indicates quality use. Those specific conscious motivations are not enough, however, to guarantee quality; for there can be underlying unhealthy motivations which will destroy the quality of tool use. Such hidden motivations might include a desire to feel good, a wish to avoid psychological pain/hurt, a desire to please or a spiritual performance (i.e., look at how spiritual I am). These hidden motivators come from our adaptive personalities and sabotage the quality of our tool use. Such hidden motivators are all fear-based and prevent high quality alignment with our loving souls.

Some tools are less likely than others to be abused. The books and systems I recommend studying in Chapter 16 are those I consider least likely to be misused. In this chapter, I shall offer my suggestions for specific tools/actions for maximum benefit and to avoid misuse.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "A few happier activists are even coming to a belief that there is no such thing as adult verbal harassment. They are viewing claims of verbal victimization very differently. Their view is that claimants of verbal harassment have often thrown away possibilities for verbal repartee and capabilities for moving away."