What About Being a Victim? An Unhappy Mentality

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Why are you questioning me so? Didn't I suffer many traumas as a child at the hands of parents who drank, fought a lot and failed to meet my emotional needs? Yes.

What about the disasters I have suffered as an adult because of others? Wasn't I a victim then or when I was a child? No. Ultimately you will be happier if you believe your higher self chose your parents and all those disastrous experiences as lessons this time around here on Earth School.

You make your own reality. Seth (Roberts, 1974, p. 21)

Few in this culture (probably less than 10% of the population) would agree with the statement, "there are no victims." That statement initially seems harsh, uncaring and offensive. But belief in its validity will free the believer in many ways. Such belief does require assuming a load, that of responsibility for one's contentment. Such a load is not a burden, but an adventure. My higher self (i.e., soul) does know what I need and is giving it to me, however much my conscious self objects.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "If the parent doesn't like a natural part of human existence (like sex, anger, tears, love or vulnerability), then the child will often attempt to please that parent by squelching those qualities. As a result the child starts displaying many symptoms."