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Past Survey Results

This page has results of past surveys here on ABCs of Personal Growth.

Survey #1. I got a lot of "wrong" answers on this site's quizzes. Therefore the quizzes are bad. Results: (3178 people surveyed)
True=14% Yes, quizzes are bad.
False=86% No, quizzes show me growth opportunities.

Comment: Many folks think that just because they do not agree with the quizzes' answers that the quizzes must be at fault. Instead they might consider that the quizzes point out how unnecessarily unhappy and stressed out our current day societies really are.

Survey #2. The area of personal growth that I am emphasizing most these days is: Results: (21062 people surveyed)
Body 19%
Emotions 32%
Thinking 33%
Spirituality 16%

Comment: Sooner or later we all must grow in EACH of these areas. Too many of us are not aware of how much our happiness and contentedness with our lives depends upon our spiritual growth, growth that is often very rapid once we point our brains in that direction.

ABCs of Personal Growth