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Classic love poetry from the greatest poets changes every day here on this page; archived poetry is also available at the click of your mouse. Love poems offer us a reminder of our loving natures which we too often forget in our daily internet activities. Take a few deep breaths, relax and enjoy the heartfelt words of poets of the past.

Daily Classic Love Poems

Hail, beauteous stranger of the grove!
...Thou messenger of Spring!
Now Heaven repairs thy rural seat,
...And woods thy welcome ring.

What time the daisy decks the green,
...Thy certain voice we hear:
Hast thou a star to guide thy path,
...Or mark the rolling year?

Delightful visitant! with thee
...I hail the time of flowers,
And hear the sound of music sweet
...From birds among the bowers. . .

. . .Sweet bird! thy bower is ever green,
...Thy sky is ever clear;
Thou hast no sorrow in thy song,
...No Winter in thy year!

O could I fly, I'd fly with thee!
...We'd make, with joyful wing,
Our annual visit o'er the globe,
...Companions of the Spring.

.....To the Cuckoo by Michael Bruce (1749-1767)

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