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Classic love poetry from the greatest poets changes every day here on this page; archived poetry is also available at the click of your mouse. Love poems offer us a reminder of our loving natures which we too often forget in our daily internet activities. Take a few deep breaths, relax and enjoy the heartfelt words of poets of the past.

Daily Classic Love Poems

Touch wood, be humble, never dare to say
That this is joy lest satisfaction throw
A shade on love which now (while roots still grow)
Stands like the proudest chestnut tree in May
With all its candles burning. Passions sway:
This has no tide nor any ebb and flow;
It has no evening, no red afterglow,
And needs no moon to keep the night at bay.

But since most lovers falter or contend,
And all their promises and all their powers
Drift towards a common grave, what chance have we?
Poets keep the past and priests eternity;
Only the day, the flying day is ours,
But while we hold it fast it cannot end.

.....Touch Wood by Helen Foley (1896-1937)

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