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Classic love poetry from the greatest poets changes every day here on this page; archived poetry is also available at the click of your mouse. Love poems offer us a reminder of our loving natures which we too often forget in our daily internet activities. Take a few deep breaths, relax and enjoy the heartfelt words of poets of the past.

Daily Classic Love Poems

Of all the flowers rising now,
...Thou only saw'st the head
Of that unopen'd drop of snow
I placed beside thy bed.

In all the blooms that blow so fast,
...Thou hast no further part,
Save those the hour I saw thee last,
...I laid above thy heart.

Two snowdrops for our boy and girl,
...A primrose blown for me,
Wreathed with one often-play'd-with curl
...From each bright head for thee.

And so I graced thee for thy grave,
...And made these tokens fast
With that old silver heart I gave,
...My first gift--and my last.

.....Maritoe Suoe by William Philpot (1823-89)

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