The Radical Changes Demanded
by Your Wake-Up Calls

Common Psychological Traps: What I have seen is that almost every adult on the planet gets into growth ruts/traps where they tackle their issues in the same ways over and over.
  1. The most common rut is to avoid looking at one's childhood, the usual sources of one's life difficulties. Commonly, folks trap themselves by words such as: "that's in the past, live in the now," or "I'm beyond that now." There is a lot of stuff back in childhood that most everyone wishes to avoid. If nothing else, I suggest you spend some time seeing how the current major life event has echoes in your childhood.
  2. For those with primal therapy experience, a life wake-up call shows that your primal methods have stopped working. Most often you can tell this by measuring your blood pressure, pulse rate and fingertip temperature. These measurements will probably reveal that you have been lying to yourself, and you have been caught in non-productive primal loops. Most primal folks do NOT want to measure and often tell me with a condescending tone, "Oh I don't need to do that, I can tell by my feelings;" and they imply that if I were as advanced as they are, that I would be able to tell by my feelings too. What I have discovered is that we are unaware of small changes in these body measures, and over time small changes in tension add up. For primal folks in the midst of a wake-up call, I suggest you measure and find some temporary alternative primal help, perhaps a weekend retreat or intensive with a different therapist.

Common Spiritual Traps: Whether you avoid all spirituality and religion or have your own ideas/system, then I suggest you think about some radical changes.

  • If you think spirituality is just a defense, I think you have major amounts of life unhappiness and stress as a result of your thinking... more about this from my book - online and free to read.
  • If spiritual ideas and thinking are a part of your life, then I feel certain that your life wake-up call indicates major traps into which you have fallen. Measurements of your blood pressure, heart rate and fingertip temperature (see above) will show much inner tension and not inner peacefulness. My free-to-read-online book, Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze describes many many traps that ensnare folks on spiritual paths.
Your Wake-Up Call

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