Structure for Two-Day
Primal Intensive Counseling

Who? Where? Cost? How Many People?   I suggest you ask your favorite therapist to consider offering such an intensive with a maximum of 3 clients per therapist. Ask him/her to contact me for possible help and support. I'll be glad to assist in any way that I can.

Time Frame: The usual time frame for these psychotherapy intensives is Friday afternoon (often 6pm) to Sunday afternoon (ending perhaps at 4pm or even earlier). This usually allows for maximum travel and job flexibility for the most people.

Group at the Beginning: For nearly two hours at the beginning of the intensive, I recommend a group gathering for a variety of purposes:

  • Discussion of rules and why each is useful.
  • Learn about how to measure blood pressure, heart rates and fingertip temperatures and discussion of these measurements.
  • Do a "thinking" exercise which can serve as a springboard for getting into primals.
  • A bit of sharing about what each participant hopes to achieve, and any special requirements each might have in terms of food, exercise, counseling or whatever.

The Huge Middle: This is the therapy part, the alone part (no conversation with other participants), the essential treatment part, the being with self part... individual primal counseling sessions with the therapist will happen at least three times over the course of the two days. Prepare to be challenged about your customary primal processes, your customary thinking, your customary spirituality, and your customary emotional responses! The job of your/my/her/his neurosis is to create customary neurotic ruts that we do not want to see and which we are CERTAIN are gold. Not! It is a major goal of mine to get folks to be able to self-determine when their own ruts are running the show; one reasonably accurate way to determine this is via body measurements. So, therapy participants will be asked to take a number of body measurements over the two days (links below to such measurments).

Group at the End: A two-hour time for sharing, discussion of the process both individually and as a group. Talk about future choices vis-a-vis food, exercise, body measurements, and avoiding therapy ruts.

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