Defensive Shenanigans about
Body Measurements

What Your Neurosis Wants: Please understand that your neurosis does NOT want you measuring your body to see the truth about how tense/calm you are inside. If you don't know, then your neurosis can fool you with mock primals, where you temporarily feel better as a result of what looks like solid primal work. Body measurements (immediately and over the next few days after primal) will almost always reveal whether or not your neurosis has seduced you with a phony primal. It is the job of your neurosis to find a way to keep you from taking these measurements on a regular basis.

Primal People's Reactions to Measurements of Their Bodies: You have no idea how defensive some primal folks (whether still involved with the therapy in some way or not) can be until you mention the idea of regularly measuring their bodies to see just how calm and peaceful they are inside. An instant wall generally arises, sometimes obvious, sometimes not.

   Common Defenses:

  • Most common, "I can tell by my FEELINGS whether my primal process is good"... (sometimes said to me with a condescending edge to the voice implying that once I got as advanced primally as he/she was, I would not need to measure myself either.)
  • Trying the measurements out for a few times, and then quitting because they did not seem to say much.
  • "Unable" to make the blood pressure or temperature reading devices work properly.
  • "I have naturally a high blood pressure/heart-rate or cold fingers." (When you were 20? After a MAJOR primal?)
   More Avoidance Maneuvers:
  • "Oh Thayer, I am more in touch with my body than you are, so I really have no need for that."
  • Folks 'forget' to take the measurements and say to themselves, "Therefore, measuring is not right for me now."
  • "That sounds interesting; I would like to measure my therapist [or teacher, or spiritual guru, or friend]"... (conveniently deflecting the focus away from self).
Measurements can be particularly difficult for long-time primal folks/therapists to adopt, because what may be revealed is that their neuroses have unknowingly and regularly been leading such folks away from effective primal. This can be painful and challenging to accept.
Reminder: It is the job of your neurosis to find a way to keep you from taking these measurements on a regular basis.
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