December 2009:     Small Book: This page is a start of a small book designed as a companion for those on a longterm primal growth path. Its goal is to help folks more effectively evaluate the QUALITY of their primal processes once an ongoing therapist is no longer available/affordable. What I have discovered over the years is that folks on primal paths often get unknowingly stuck in their primal processes and with life patterns that are defensive. Of course, those not on primal psychotherapy paths have their own stuck paths, which will not be talked about here.

Primal Therapy Companion

Invitation: You are invited to read and comment about the below, and even to suggest topics that I have yet to cover. I am sure that the order of writing as it develops will NOT be the order of the final pages... my writing of my past two books has taught me that I need to follow the muse-of-the-day and not worry about final format or order until near the end of the project.

Length of Primal Therapy: While formal paid-for primal therapy usually ends after a few weeks or months, the process of primal growth continues for many primal therapy participants for the rest of their lives. They find that thay can do some primalling on their own or with a buddy. This is similar to those strongly on other psychological or spiritual paths... growth never stops, there is always another #$%^& growth opportunity that arises once the current "opportunity" is resolved.

There is a huge problem with this perpetual growth, however. The tools of growth often can and soon will be used to sabotage real growth, for our neuroses do NOT want us to grow. Our neuroses' job is to keep us from the next pain! When our neuroses are doing their jobs cleverly, we will not be aware of what Dr. Janov calls mock primals and of what I have called primal lies (i.e., self-deceptions about our primal or other psychological processes).

Primal Lies: So, over the course of the next few months, I shall add many pages about primal lies as well as ways to measure whether your primal path is currently productive or currently a trap. I have found that every primal person lies to themselves at least sometimes about how well they are doing. (Pssst... your neurosis does not want you really seeing or accepting how much the previous sentence is valid for you.)

Book Pages/Topics
Long Vacations from Primal a major part of my own primal history. (1/11/2010)

Not-Much-Happening Plateaus are naturally a part of primal work. (1/10/2010)

One Job of Your Neurosis is to keep you away from measuring the tension/stress in your body. (1/6/2010)

Warning: Leaving the Primal Therapy Womb is difficult because we received little, if any, effective preparation. (1/5/2010)

Mock Primal Therapy affects us all and is highly seductive. Few recognize it in their own primal work. (1/4/2010)

Wake-Up Calls: (Dec 2009)   Wake-up calls are those major life events like a stroke, heart attack, cancer, or major incapacitation. What do they mean about your primal process? (Quick Answer: your primal process needs changing.)     Wake-Up Call Meaning     More @ Wake-Up Calls

Advanced Primal Therapy Intensives: (Dec 2009)   A two day intensive (with a few more rules added to those most primal folks experienced during their first intensives) can help a lot to get long-term primal folks out of ruts.
Intensive Primal Psychotherapy     Counseling Structure
Treatment Rules     More Therapy Rules


Note: spiritually minded folks could well read about 100 spiritual traps I talk about in my 2008 book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze, which is free to read online.