Advanced Primal Intensive Psychotherapy


Background:   While most primal folks have had a major 2-3 week-long intensive at the beginning of their primal journeys, few seem to repeat the process. Understandably, for that length of time would not necessarily be very productive if repeated.

Our Neuroses Are Clever:   Our neuroses don't just lie down and wither away. Our neuroses (defenses) reconstitute themselves after each primal and often create new life/primal ruts to protect us from the NEXT primal pains we need to face. And our neuroses are so clever at doing this that we often don't even recognize the new ruts. Later shorter intensives, say two or four days, often are both valuable and necessary to get out of primal ruts, whether old or new. While I do believe 4-day intensives will usually be more effective than 2-day gatherings, the ability to accommodate folks' work schedules makes 2-day intensives more practical.

Our New Defenses:   When or if these new ruts are pointed out as possible ruts, hackles are often raised and many folks get offended that someone is challenging "our sacrosanct primal process." It is best to consider your primal process a useful tool, like a hammer. Hammers have limits, they can become ineffective (head falls off), and they can not solve all construction problems. Because our neuroses are so clever at deceiving us, we need some objective measures of primal effectiveness. And Arthur Janov has given us some objective guideposts in his development of a Repression Index, which uses (among other measurements) blood pressure, heart rate and extremities' temperatures to tell if clients and/or therapists are lying to themselves about progress in treatment. Therefore, during these psychotherapy intensives, frequent bodily measurements will be taken (of blood pressure, heart rate and fingertip temperature).

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