Mock Primal Therapy

What Is Mock Primal Therapy? It is therapy that looks like primal, sounds like primal and superficially seems to be effective primal process. Every primal therapist, primal client and primal buddy has participated in mock therapy. It is the job of our neuroses to keep trying to seduce us with mock primals, thus keeping us "safe" from our primal pains. The important question is how rapidly the people involved recognize the truth. In a therapy situation, an effective therapist will: 1. recognize many of these mock primals, and 2. measure the client's blood pressure, heart rate, and extremities' temperature to help both therapist and client see the truth behind any primal drama.

Doing Primals by Yourself: Being responsible for doing primal by yourself is what happens to most every primal client after the first month(s) of therapy. This is the most likely time for your neurosis to start to take charge and start feeding you mock primals that mimic other primals you have done in the past. To KNOW the truth, I suggest you start measuring your body's blood pressure, heart rate, and extremities' temperature. Without measuring, most all of us regularly lie to ourselves. Many folks who have been around primal for a number of years get offended if their own feelings or primal processes are questioned; they are prime candidates for unknowingly being involved with mock primal therapy.

Ongoing Mock Primal Therapy:   In the presence of an ongoing therapist, both the therapist and client are unaware of the deception being put forth by the client. The therapist's neurosis is involved, for otherwise the therapist would see through the deception and confront it. Some examples of therapist involvement...

  • Often the client has triggered unfinished therapist business and keeps on repeating essentially the same issues/responses/difficulties that are common to both therapist and client. Little if any progress is made on these issues, yet the therapy may look dramatic, leading both participants to think that progress has been WONDERFUL.
  • The therapist has fallen in love with some primal technique that helps the client to feel better temporarily. Anger and hitting a pillow come to mind as common traps for both client and therapist. What usually gets lost in such circumstances are the OTHER feelings that are needed to be faced.
  • Therapists, primal or not, attract clients with problems similar to those they had or are experiencing. While this can be of great help to clients, it sometimes stops progress because the therapist now "has superior knowledge" and cannot acknowledge his/her own remaining personal work to be done.
Avoiding Mock Therapy:   So, must one be neurosis-free to avoid mock therapy? No, but it does take a willingness to accept that our neuroses can feed us mock feelings that we are often not able to distinguish from real feelings. Therefore, we need to measure physical responses during therapy and outside of therapy. The measurements of blood pressure, heart rates and extremities' temperatures will reveal whether primal sessions are effective or just temporary feel-good tools (like addictions such as food, alcohol, drugs, etc.).

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