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Therapy Rules

Measurement Rules: 3 Key Measurements: blood pressure, heart rate, and fingertip temperature - to take all 3 requires about a minute. Plan on taking these measurements when you wake up (most important time to do this), before and after eating, before and after exercising, and before and after primals. The goal is to make sense of YOUR patterns, which only happens after you get some experience with your own body and its responses in various situations. To read more about measurements (including Thayer's) please read, for free, the section of my book on Measurements & Spiritual Advancement.

Journals: All participants will be asked to record the above measurements and their remembered dreams in a journal. For those who normally do journals, the above is all the journalling that is allowed; for those who do NOT normally journal, they may journal as much as they like.

Thinking: the first day each participant will be asked to make a list of things in their lives or the world that bother or upset them or they wish were different; this list will be talked about individually with the therapist in terms of relevance to unfelt primals. This is a cognitive-type of exercise used to promote primal exploration.

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