Advanced Primal Intensive
Treatment Rules

Overview of Rules for Intensives: Specific rules about food, exercise, measurements of the body, non-socializing, and thinking processes are to be followed (in addition to "normal" primal intensive rules). These rules are prescribed because each rule will tend to elicit different types of primals that have not previously been uncovered, despite perhaps decades of primalling. The goal is for solid primal progress in these treatment intensives, whether or not primals associated with food, exercise, thinking or measurements arise. Our decades of food/eating/thinking habits are often defenses that help keep primals hidden; the rules challenge a few of these defenses and thus cause primals to tend to surface. (Also note... all rules tend to elicit a neurotic kid who [regarding all rules] may be whiny, raging, performing, overcompliant, anti-authoritarian, helpless, hopeless, or whatever.)

Food Rules: Only spring water, tuna, organic carrots, and organic rice, period. (Substitute lentils for tuna if you are vegetarian or some other substitution if you are allergic to tuna, rice, or carrots.) Boring? Of course! Boring triggers many of us... As much of this food as you want... hunger is NOT desired. The goal is NOT to deprive you of your needs, just your "I wants."

Exercise Rules: (NOT to be done if you are injured or if in any way the following might harm you): There are 4 types of exercise: 1.stretching 15 seconds every time you wake up (during the 4 days only... also stretch after you measure your heart rate). 2.strength maintaining: upper and lower body strength takes approximately 2 minutes every other day (pushups or pushawaysfromwall for upper body; and one or two-leg 90degree squats for lower body) 3.speed according to your capabilities or PRETEND speed - 5X a day for 30-45 seconds. 4.endurance - two hours a day walking in place, or trampolining or stationery biking... break into parts if required, or less if your body cannot do that much.

Thinking Trap: "If I get through this treatment intensive without any food or exercise primals, that means I don't have any hidden food or exercise primals." Oops! Such primals might have been too deep to be triggered. But if unfinished primals were there, then this treatment put you under a bit of added stress, which likely made the primals you did reach deeper and more complete.

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