Your Life Wake-Up Call Shows
The Need for a Radical Change


What Is a Life Wake-Up Call? When I refer to a life wake-up call, I am referring to some MAJOR event in your life, like a stroke, cancer, near-death experience or significant incapacitation. There is nothing trivial about such an experience. It hurts, it causes fear, and it brings many psychological issues to the forefront.

The Immediate Response: Almost everyone recognizes that the major event is important, and most everyone attempts to tackle the issues with their old methods of psychological and spiritual growth. They cling stubbornly to them and resist any suggestion that their methods might have lost effectiveness over time. We are like the car owner who discovers that changing the spark plugs helps performance and keeps on doing that whenever the car has a problem; sooner or later this hypothetical car owner will be forced to change. Similarly, a life wake-up call calls into question your old ways of spiritual and psychological growth.

Dropping Your Old Psychological and Spiritual Ways: Your old ways, however, cannot and will not work; for if they did, there would be no reason why your higher self would arrange such a wake-up call experience. Let me explain by the following example; if you had a chest twinge, then you would likely do your own old-style (presumably good) growth work before any testing for heart problems, and resolve the issues. Therefore, your higher self would consider a full-blown heart attack unnecessary and would not make it happen. Instead, a life wake-up call shows that radical change is required 1. in your methods of personal growth and 2. in your spiritual ideas. Your psychological and spiritual methods
need to radically change...

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