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Quizzes or quizes (however you spell them) can help us to focus our attention on aspects of our personality. Some personal aspects we can change, other aspects seem quite fixed. Whatever- try these love & fun personality quizes to see where you might make a few changes in your life.

E-IQ - Emotional Intelligence - examines your emotional responses: anger, love, hate, jealousy, guilt, sadness, and fear. Eliminate anger/ hate. Move away from fear and sadness today. Drop jealousy and guilt. Actualize loving! Emotional intelligence changes often take time, but free online quizes can be accomplished today. E-IQ Test - Emotional Intelligence Testing

Are you a real man? Woman? This gender purity bit of fun and seriousness examines your unhappy sexual ideas about sex and sexuality. They may be rational and socially-correct, yet be unhappy sex/sexual psychology ideas. Examine yourself today on this sex/sexuality gender quiz:
Gender Purity Test

Spirituality Quiz - Spiritual (not religious) ideas prevent happiness for millions. Spiritual changes are often not very difficult. Spirituality Quiz.

Thinking Cognitive IQ - Few realize our cognitive thinking prevents happiness/ wellness. Changing this thinking requires knowledge - quizzes/quizes help with this psychology knowledge. Take this thinking quickie quiz.

Love Test; Online Quiz Few of us realize how many psychological difficulties we put in the way of finding long-term loving in our lives. Love quizzes like this will show where you might best focus on making changes in yourself.

Are You Sigmund Freud? Playful pop Psychology Quiz

You vs Your Dog - Fun Personality Test A mental health comparison that is both playful and serious.

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This site is all about self help with personality quizzes, two online self help books, and a large directory of self help related sites accessible from the ABCs of Self Help main page.

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