Slot Machine Betting Tips

There are many systems of betting that aren't worth much. These tips are worthwhile, for they will help you last longer and thus put yourself in better position for a big jackpot.

Risk Less - Play Longer; this will stretch your bankroll.

Make the amount of money you start with last as long as possible, by starting with the lowest coin size, and switching to a higher denomination only if you're winning.

Make the amount of money you start with last as long as possible. The longer you can play without risking any additional money of your own, the better your chance that you will line up that winning combination for a big payout.

Playing the right machine... If you are hoping for a large jackpot, select a progressive machine.

Playing the right machine... If you'd rather play for a longer period of time and would be happy with a small win, find a slot machine with a relatively small jackpot, but with a payout table that offers a larger range of small to medium payouts.

It's tough to beat the slots when the house edge averages around 10 percent in land-based establishments, usually a little less at online casinos.

Money Management: Set a loss limit before you enter a casino or before you go online. You know how much you are willing to risk or how much you can afford to lose.

Discipline yourself and stop playing once you've reached your pre-determined loss limit. For example, if you allotted $50 for this session, stop playing when you’ve either doubled your money or lost it all.

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