Slot Machine Tips - Loose Slots

Loose slots is a name for slots that are set up to pay out a high percentage; these are the ones everyone tries to find. The casinos vary the payout of each and every slot machine but they have reasons for locating loose slots where they do. Therefore the following tips:

Because loose slots attract more slots action, the casino spends a lot of effort placing these machines in areas where they will be seen the most.

Loose slots are often near the change booths. The sounds and sights of slot jackpots will motivate players in line to get more change and play more.

Loose slots are often on elevated carousels - the reason why? because the machines are widely visible to other gamblers.

Loose slots are often near the coffee shop/cafe/snack bar to motivate players to eat quickly and get back to gaming.

When you take time out for drinks or food, it's time spent not playing. No play means no revenue for the casino. Loose slots (i.e. more friendly to the player) will be placed near food/drink stations.

Loose slots are often on or near the end of rows so that jackpots will have maximum visibility.

In Las Vegas, older places near the north end of the Strip often set their machines looser to try and draw players away from the newer, fancier resorts. (Beware the opposite tactic, too, trying to get a bigger share.)

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