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Love Test; Online Loving Quiz
Suggested: read these two Loving Psychology Excerpts 1 and 2 before taking this quiz.

The following areas of LOVING I have some difficulties with, at least occasionally:

1. Infatuation: True False ..... more @ this topic

2. Finding Love That Lasts True False ..... more @ this topic

3. Conditional Loving (I'll care for you provided you.....)True False ..... more @ this topic

4. Feeling loving feelings in my body (giving or receiving) True False ..... more @ this topic

5. Saying the three words "I Love You"True False ..... more @ this topic

6. Enjoying hugging men women and childrenTrue False ...... more @ this topic

7. LustTrue False ..... more @ this topic

8. Total LovingnessTrue False ...... more @ this topic

First one must realize that one's loving qualities can be changed. Each of the above questions in this online love quiz can reveal an area in which you have unhappy loving qualities that can be changed either through your own personal growth processes or via more formal therapy. (The above love test questions were specifically included because millions of us are caught by each of them!) Please read these two online Loving Psychology Excerpts 1 and 2 for more details about love and why the suggested answers to this love quiz are as stated.

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