Thayer White MA MFT
Licensed Psychotherapist
From the Free Online Book, Be Your Own Therapist:
"Therapist and author, Thayer White MA MFCC, has over 23 years experience as both therapist and client in the areas of therapy and self-growth.

Thayer is licensed to do psychotherapy in California as a Marriage Family and Child Counselor. He received his master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University (in Orinda, California), and his bachelor's degree from Northwestern University (in Evanston, Illinois).

Since licensure, the majority of his therapy clients have been other therapists and their family members who have come to him to resolve longstanding issues. He is a past president of his (then) local 200+ member therapist organization, the San Francisco Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists."

My therapeutic emphasis these past few years has been on maximizing client power and minimizing amount of therapy needed: i.e. self help. To accept ideas wholesale just because some professional like myself says it is his truth developed over thirty years of experience is not your best path. Your best path is to take these ideas under consideration, mull them over for a while, test some of them out, and come to your own conclusions. I recommend that you label disagreements with me as "we do not agree" instead of the very common, "he is wrong".

For the past seven years I have traveled an unusual path, namely- Whatever is bothering, irritating, upsetting, maddening or disturbing me is there for my highest benefit and ALWAYS tells me I have not completely learned some life lessons I might prefer to avoid. Whatever I get in life is what I need. Once I have learned what there is for me to learn, then the situation either fails to repeat or I am just not bothered by that situation anymore. This path is challenging but definitely recommended- for more information about this I suggest you read the spirituality chapter from my book (free online read) and the manifesting pages.