True Love    vs.   
You Are in Cave Number:
You hear echoes from the bottomless pit.
You feel a breeze from Cupid's wings.
You smell the dragon's sulfurous breath.
Tunnels lead to:



  • In a completely darkcave system, you are trying to slay the fire-breathing dragon who has captured your true love. Each cavern is connected to 3 others by tunnels. Wherever you are, you will be told whether or not you hear a rustle, feel a draft, or smell sulfur by looking at the checkboxes next to those statements above.
  • If you hear echoes, then you are next to a blackcave with a bottomless pit. If you go there, you fall in the pit and die. The dragon can straddle the pit which prevents him from falling into it.
  • If you feel a slight breeze (from Cupid's wings), you are next to where Cupid is presently. If you go there, you get picked up and carried by Cupid to another darkcave (randomly selected). The dragon is very heavy which prevents Cupid from carrying him.
  • If you smell sulfur, you are next to a darkcavern that holds the malodorous dragon and your captured true love. If you enter a darkcave that holds the dragon, he will either exit through one of the tunnels (taking your true love with him) or kill you and eat you.
  • Each turn you can choose to move or fire one of Cupid's special arrows into an adjacent tunne1. You do this by clicking on the FIRE or GO buttons below the tunnel number that you want to fire or go through. If an arrow enters a darkcave that holds the dragon, he will either exit through one of the tunnels or stay and get hit. These special arrows, of course, would never harm your true love, only the dragon.
  • The object is to slay the dragon and rescue your true love without getting killed first. Good luck!

This is a modified version of "Hunt the Wumpus" Copyright 1996 by Sean Lane Fuller. All rights reserved.

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